Portrait Commissions

Whether you have commissioned a portrait before or if this is your first time, the process is straight forward and can be really fun.

The first step is deciding what kind of portrait you'd like. Some questions that are useful to answer are:

  • Given your budget and where you envision this portrait to hang, what is the best size?
  • What should the scale of the image be, or in other words what do you want included in the composition (i.e. head and shoulders, hands, environmental details, etc.)?
  • Do you have tastes in portraiture that you'd like to be reflected in the painting (i.e. formal vs. informal, inside vs. outside, dark vs. light, etc.)?

Take a look at the fee sheet to see my range of options and rates, but keep in mind that these can be mutable depending on how much is included in the image.

A commission usually proceeds with one or two meetings to go over options, decide on scope, and draw up a contract. I collect a non-refundable deposit of one third of the estimated final price at this stage. I then go about getting support material for the portrait, like choosing location and wardrobe, and building sketches and photography. Here, I'll compile a digital montage of what the portrait will look like. Following that, we go through a design confirmation stage to agree on a final composite image, at which point I collect the second third of the fee. Afterwards, I get to painting! Included in the contract is a chance to request amendments to the portrait close to its final stage, and then I ask for the fee's balance to be paid upon delivery of the finished portrait.

Timelines tend to proceed as fast as decisions and approvals are made, but I generally need about two weeks to a month to make the actual painting. Also please remember that any varnishing adds a few days, and framing typically takes an average of three to four weeks.

I really look forward to working with you to make a fine family heirloom!

1. Head Only • ~7" x 5" through 14" x 11" • $800 - $2,200

2. Head and Shoulders • ~14" x 11" through 30" x 20" • $2,200 - $4,200

3. 3/4 Length • ~36" x 28" through 50" x 40" • $6,300 - $9.500

4. Full Length • ~60" x 40" through 76" x 42" • $11,500 - $14,500



  • Sizes and fee are approximate - varying sizes can be created
  • Fees increase with any background more detailed than an impressionistic or neutral one, or the addition of figures to the composition
  • Fees do not cover travel, framing, tax or shipping

Feel free to contact me for more information